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Prosecutor: Wife set disabled husband on fire, let him burn

An Australian woman is currently on trial for the brutal murder of her handicapped husband. Prosecutors allege that the couple was having serious problems, and that one morning she doused him with gasoline and set him on fire as he lay helpless in his bed — problems solved.

Owner Ticketed for Walking ‘Wheelchair’ Bound Cat Unleashed

It seems that authorities in Florida have nothing better to do than ticket handicapped pussycats frolicking in the grass. It’s bad enough that they have clawed, aggressive ducks attacking the elderly at ponds, Diamondback rattlesnakes biting turtle rescuers and large pythons slithering around eating two cats at a time, but disabled pets must be leashed.

WATCH: Handicapped Man Blows Himself Up at Airport

A Chinese man detonated a package of black powder he was holding at the Beijing airport Saturday in protest of having been allegedly beaten into a coma by urban militia in Dongguan in 2005. He claims to have been partially paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair ever since. No one else was hurt.

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