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Arrested escapee calls 911 for help out of handcuffs

A Texas man who was able to escape police Saturday after a narcotics arrest, was however, unable to escape his handcuffs, and called 911 to complain that they were cutting off his circulation.

Fire & Rescue: ‘50 Shades of Grey?’ Please Keep Keys to Handcuffs Handy

Firefighters in London have issued a safety appeal to residents to please be thoughtful with where they stick their body parts. In the last three years fire and rescue has freed 79 people from compromising situations with handcuffs, situations attributed by fire personnel to the popularity of the novel 50 Shades of Grey.

Jilted Admirer Sentenced to Prison for Taco Bell Disaster Date

In a romantic gesture that was decidedly outside the bun, Georgia man Jason Earl Dean handcuffed himself to an 18-year-old Taco Bell coworker who had refused to date him. Dean, 25, had been rejected by the woman several times in the weeks leading up to the incident.

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