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Suicide victim mistaken for scary prop, dumped in landfill

An ex-Spring-Hill-Florida man, who hanged himself several weeks ago, seems to have become mummified in such a way that a cleaning crew mistook his corpse for a life-size dummy and dumped him in the landfill. Thanks to vigilant landfill workers, the mistake was rectified and police alerted to investigate.

Slideshow: Robbers in disguise

Because stockings and ski caps are so 90s.

The Halloween murder of Teresa Halbach

On Halloween, 2005, photographer Teresa Halbach drove to Avery Auto Salvage to take pictures of a minivan for Auto Trader Magazine. She disappeared. The shop’s owner, Steven Avery, had been exonerated after serving 18 years for rape, was convicted of Halbach’s murder.

Today in Crime History: Halloween murder in Napa Valley

A Halloween attack in California’s wine country leaves two housemates dead and a killer on the loose. No one suspected that he was mingling with the mourning relatives, consoling them and attending candlelight memorials.

A mother’s note to a callous pumpkin thief goes viral

The Reina family of Washington, D.C., spent time carving pumpkins for the kids in time for Halloween. The family carved four all together, each representing a family member: mom, dad, baby and one for little Tommy, 2, which we can’t show you because it was stolen and believed smashed that very night. None of the others were taken.

Michael Skakel granted new trial

Just in time for the 38-year anniversary of the Halloween murder of Kennedy-cousin neighbor Martha Moxley, Michael Skakel, convicted in 2002 of her murder, has been granted a new trial.

Pumpkin heist gets its happily ever after

From our friends at The Daily Dot: Is there anything America loves more than a criminal with a conscience? If the Internet’s cooing over a remorseful pumpkin thief is any indication, we’re guessing no.

Tutu-Wearing Marine Arrested for Beating Up Actual Disabled Veteran

Halloween reveler Marine Christopher Dabney, 22, was arrested in Gainesville, Florida, around 2:30 a.m. on November 1, 2012, after an altercation in which he mistook an actual disabled verteran for someone pretending to be one for Halloween.

Alert: Last Chance to Buy Sexy Sesame Street Costumes

The folks over at Sesame Street have gotten wind of the unlicensed Sexy Big Bird costume, and have taken legal steps to get it pulled off the market. A look also at some other sexy, disturbing, unlicensed Sesame Street characters.

Pranksters: Nine Tips on Having a Law Enforcement-Free Halloween

Most people realize that Halloween pranks involving arson, kidnapping, and assault will get the police involved, but it’s surprising how grey for some the distinction between fun and felony can be. A look at some Halloween pranks gone wrong, and some advice on what sorts of activities to avoid—even in the spirit of fun.

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