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Friendly bulletproof-vest test results in murder charges

Today we bring you the story of a man so thrilled with his new bullet-proof vest that asked his friend to shoot him in the chest. We’ll never know if the vest would’ve failed or not, because the friend shot high, missed the vest entirely, and killed the man.

Woman shoots herself in the face to ‘make a point’

Not really, she actually slammed the butt of a loaded shotgun on the ground during a family argument to “make a point.” The weapon discharged, shooting her in the face, which, arguably, amounts to the same thing. In any case, having made her point, she called 911.

Another gun ‘safety’ demonstration ends with gunshot to the head

Yesterday we brought you the story of a man in Michigan, who shot himself fatally in the head while showing off his safe unloaded guns. And yesterday, another gun aficionado, this one in St. Petersburg, Florida, was showing his friends and family how safe his hand gun was. His demo ended just as quickly, and in much the same way.

Drunken gun ‘safety’ demo ends fatally

A man offering his girlfriend a demonstration of safe gun use, accidentally used a loaded weapon and shot himself in the head during his brief, though informative, presentation.

Colorado man shoots self and buddy showing off new gun

Police in Colorado Springs were called to an apartment one evening in early October. No reason is stated for the call, though we are guessing that a shot was heard as well as a lot of screaming. There officers found two men suffering from gunshot wounds, Joseph Gunderson, 24, and an unidentified friend, who had both been admiring a new handgun when it accidentally went off

Slideshow: The Jayson Williams Gunplay Case

A look back in photos at the case against former basketball star Jayson Williams.

Today in Crime History: Murder of Leann Fletcher

On August 16, 1999, police and EMS arrived at the Hazel Park, Mich., home of Mark and Leann Fletcher. Mark was distraught; his wife, he told police, had accidentally shot herself in the head. But what began as a report of a tragic firearm accident turned into a lengthy courtroom drama surrounding Mark Fletcher.

Gun Accident: Man Shoots Off His Penis

Now, in one of those news stories that makes you go "Yikes!" a security guard, 33, in Trinidad and Tobago has been hospitalized after a gun accident in which he discharged his weapon and shot himself in the groin. The unnamed man was found slumped in the front seat of his car by witnesses,

Update: Teen Dies in Prank Gone Awry

It seems that one of those classic tricks that kids are constantly playing on each other went horribly wrong Saturday morning, leaving an Alabama boy, 15, hospitalized and in critical condition.

A Killer Cure for the Hiccups

A Fort Hood soldier killed his buddy Sunday allegedly trying to cure him of the hiccups.

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