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Video: Would-be carjacker gets good-Samaritan beat down

It’s always good to see people in a community coming together and standing up for each other. In this case, citizens didn’t hold back punches or colorful metaphors when subduing the suspect. In fact, the stunned carjacker seems relieved when he is released into police custody.

Good Samaritan bends burning car door with bare hands to free motorist

Of the rescue, police are saying “He did an extraordinary deed, bending a locked car door in half of a burning car to extricate a trapped person. I feel this man deserves any and all commendation for his extraordinary life-saving measure that kept another from burning alive.”

Driver crashes SUV, abandons it and injured boy, 3, inside

In fact, the crash was so bad that the SUV was totaled and errupted into flame. Thankfully, the boy was pulled to safety before the fire broke out. The driver has not yet been found.

VIDEO: Street Vendor Rescues Pregnant Woman From Mugger

In this quick clip, a mugger is seen attempting to snatch a purse from a reportedly pregnant woman. A vendor on the busy Chinese street jumps to the woman’s defense, tackles the would-be robber and holds him down.

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