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Police: Beware of soul cleansing scam

Police in Santa Fe, New Mexico are warning people to be aware of women offering soul cleansings to ward off evil spirits. It’s already happened to at least one man whose soul may or may not have been cleansed, but his wallet and bank account certainly were.

The Most Haunted Crime Scenes

Some say you can still hear the souls of the murdered creeping listlessly about these famous crime scenes, some even claim to have seen them.

Chinese ‘Ghostbuster’ Performs Exorcism with his Penis

Self-proclaimed “ghostbuster” Huang Jianjun of Guangzhou in China’s Guangdong Province, was arrested after allegedly performing an exorcism on a young woman’s vagina with his penis. The purported exorcism doesn’t seem to have gone so well for either of them.

Haunted Crime Scenes: The Murder of Samuel T. Baker

Baker was found mortally wounded in a Savannah cemetery. Whether he was the victim of a botched robbery, a police conspiracy, or a drunken accident, the spirit of this murdered Confederate War veteran still haunts the cemetery today.

More Haunted Crime Scenes

A scary collection of classic murder cases in which the ghosts of the victims continue to dwell in the places they were killed.

Man’s ‘Ghost Cam’ Revealed Girlfriend was Sexing up his Son, 16

An amateur ghost chaser in Tasmania, Australia, decided to set up a video camera in his kitchen to catch evidence of ghosts on film. Thanks to his live-in girlfriend and baby momma, 28, whose name is being withheld, he will never know if his house is haunted.

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