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Germany Eyes Reenacting Bestiality Laws

The new disturbing trend of erotic zoos has the Germans poised to reinstate bestiality laws taken off the books in 1969.

Horror Films May Be Inspiration for Teen Accused of Killing Elderly Landlady

A sadistic killer, a hideous horror mask, and butchered corpses play a big role in the modern horror movie classic Saw. But what paramedics witnessed when they allegedly found 19-year-old Fabian Kramer kneeling beside the corpse of his 82-year-old landlady was very real. Kramer, prosecutors say, stabbed his elderly landlady over 40 times.

German Court Rules Circumcision a Crime, and Japanese Investigate Man Who Cooked, Served Own Genitals

Do parents in Germany have the right to have their children circumcised? Did Mao Sugiyama break any laws when he served up his genitalia for dinner? Is presentation really everything? An update on important penis-related legal questions of the day.

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