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Haunted Crimescenes: Conrad Aiken house

This story started out as a different kind of a haunting — a haunting of the mind of one of America’s best-loved poets. But as we spent time examining it, we became acutely aware of some other presence living in the vacant boyhood home of Conrad Aiken, a Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet laureate, who witnessed mother’s murder at the hands of his father.

Georgia man saves family from house fire, nearly dies trying to save his beer

Most of the times when there’s a house fire the only people you see running in are the firemen, unless a chiold or beloved pet was left behind. In Columbus, Georgia, last Thursday, however, one of the residents ran back in risking life and limb to recue his beloved hoppy alcoholic beverages.

Haunted crime scenes: Mercer house

The eerie story of Savannah’s Mercer House where Jim Williams fatally shot his lover, Danny Hansford, and died himself, not far from the spot where he shot Hansford, after finally being acquitted nine years later. Some say Williams died of a heart attack, other say from AIDS-related pneumonia, and still others whisper that it was Danny’s ghost extracting his revenge.

Gym Mat Death Intrigue: Exhumed Body Stuffed With Newspaper

The family of Kendrick Johnson cannot believe that their son’s death was an accident, and new evidence shows that their suspicions all along may be right.

Update: More Details Emerge in Waycross Case as 911 Call Released

In response to a growing controversy surrounding the officer-involved shooting of Waycross, Georgia, man Jack Lamar Roberson last Friday, authorities have released the 911 call from his fiancée Alicia Herron. The call transcript indicated that Herron was not only scared for him, but of a police response to her call.

Family Calls 911 for Ambulance, Police Responders Kill the ‘Patient’

A 911 call and subsequent police shooting is getting national attention and stirring controversy after a man in Waycross, Georgia, was shot down by police following a 911 call from his family. The family claims to have called 911 requesting an ambulance to take her the diabetic man to the hospital, but police tell another story.

Ga. Police: Beware of Crazy Clown Herbal Madness Incense

It’s labeled Crazy Clown Herbal Madness incense, but it’s not incense, it’s a brand of synthetic marijuana, which is still legal in many states. Sold in head shops and convenience stores, the product is usually burned and inhaled or smoked, and has a euphoric effect. According to police, however, this time it’s effects are dangerous.

LISTEN: Antoinette Tuff’s Amazing Call to 911 During Georgia School Shooting

Most 911 calls are frantic with dispatchers barely able to understand the nearly hysterical callers, who must repeat the same information over and over while waiting for police. This was not the case with Antoinette Tuff, who was being held at gunpoint by a school shooter. Her calm and empathy that day probably saved lives.

‘It’s Not a Crime to Giggle.’ Or is it?

If you miss middle school, your best bet would be to attend a City Council meeting in East Point, Ga. There, a man was kicked out and given detention arrested for giggling.

Violence Begets Violence, the Strange Case of Chad Moretz

Chad Moretz died in a standoff with police. They found his missing friend’s remains in the wall of his squalid home. Now it seems that what neighbors suspected, and the Moretz family knew, police never even guessed at. In a case of violence begetting more violence, Moretz was not the only victimizer, nor his friend the only victim.

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