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The Atlanta Child Murders

On March 4, 1980, Angel Lenair, 12, finished her homework, left her family’s apartment and disappeared. Their worst fears were confirmed on March 10 when her body was found tied to a tree, gagged with another’s underwear, an electrical cord around her neck. She was the fifth victim of the controversial Atlanta Child Killer.

Case of man who texted unsolicited photo of his tattooed penis disimissed

The case of a man who texted a woman an unwanted photo of his genitals tattooed with STRONG E nuf 4 A MAN BUT Made 4 A WOMAN, was dismissed because he sent the photo electronically, not by mail. For those of you now planning to get all crazy with the photos, this decision only applies in Georgia.

Woman belted man with Bible over Ten Commandments argument

Is bashing someone in the face with your Bible a violation of the Ten Commandments? Perhaps not, but it is a violation of Georgia battery laws, and will get you arrested.

Georgia man arrested for charging car at public school

With the proliferation of electric vehicles comes new questions about where it’s ok to charge — one man found out the hard way after he was arrested for charging his Nissan Leaf at a public school.

Child used gas to make slide slippery, catches fire

A bizarre accident in Georgia left a toddler, 2, in critical condition in a medically induced coma. The girl and her older sister, 4, were reportedly playing at their father’s house on the outdoor slide, when one of them got the bright idea to douse the slide with gasoline to make it slick.

The crimes of John Paul Knowles, the Casanova Killer

On November 7, 1974, police found the bodies of Carswell Carr and his daughter Mandy. He had been tortured to death, while she had been strangled, then her corpse sexually assaulted. The investigation ultimately led police to Knowles, a handsome and charming drifter, believed to have killed between 18 and 20 people.

Watch: Man sets wife on fire with gas pump

A Georgia man is facing jail after accidentally setting his wife on fire while fueling up his truck. Austin Dawkins is seen on surveillance video sparking the fumes with his lighter while he talks to his wife. The gas nozzle shoots out flame and lights up Jessica before she can get a safe distance away. She falls.

Haunted Crimescenes: Conrad Aiken house

This story started out as a different kind of a haunting — a haunting of the mind of one of America’s best-loved poets. But as we spent time examining it, we became acutely aware of some other presence living in the vacant boyhood home of Conrad Aiken, a Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet laureate, who witnessed mother’s murder at the hands of his father.

Georgia man saves family from house fire, nearly dies trying to save his beer

Most of the times when there’s a house fire the only people you see running in are the firemen, unless a chiold or beloved pet was left behind. In Columbus, Georgia, last Thursday, however, one of the residents ran back in risking life and limb to recue his beloved hoppy alcoholic beverages.

Haunted crime scenes: Mercer house

The eerie story of Savannah’s Mercer House where Jim Williams fatally shot his lover, Danny Hansford, and died himself, not far from the spot where he shot Hansford, after finally being acquitted nine years later. Some say Williams died of a heart attack, other say from AIDS-related pneumonia, and still others whisper that it was Danny’s ghost extracting his revenge.