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15 ridiculous lawsuits

And when we say ridiculous, we mean mind numbingly so.

Shamrock shame

Sobering images of St. Patrick’s Day revelers arrested.

Slideshow: Legendary frauds & fakes

It seems that for every sucker born, there’s a grifter and a scam born too; from con artists like Elmyr de Hory and Frank Abagnale, Jr. to ingenious and not-so-ingenious hoaxes like the Lochness Monster and the Man in the Moon.

Terrified girl reports possible alligator attack, police find chameleon

Police in in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, got a call from a terrified girl, who reported a crocodile in her family’s backyard, saying that it was about to attack her, and that it was flapping its tongue. That should have been a clue.

Florida DUI suspect was ‘trying to drive it off’

Turns out, when you go on a bender, it’s preferable to sleep it off, not “drive it off.” Driving it off is frowned on by law enforcement — even in Florida.

Slideshow: Non-emergency 911

A look at some outrageous use, misuse and outright abuse of the 911 emergency response system.

So a guy and a tiger walk into a bar … really, in Illinois

A guy took a leashed tiger into a busy bar on a Sunday evening and ordered a beer. When the bartender asked what the tiger would be drinking, the man replied, Anything he wants. At least that’s how the old joke goes. Police aren’t laughing either.

Listen: Florida woman calls 911 about raw waffles

A Village Inn customer called 911 last week to report having been served raw waffles. She states that her server refused to credit the bill, accused her of drinking and threatened to call police. “Well come on bring me a Breathalyzer!” she challenged, adding “I am ready! &%$$ #@!” Police sent a unit to help negotiate the confrontation.

Rust Cohle’s OkCupid Profile

True Detective’s Rust Cohle has an OKCupid profile. Sort of.

Arrested escapee calls 911 for help out of handcuffs

A Texas man who was able to escape police Saturday after a narcotics arrest, was however, unable to escape his handcuffs, and called 911 to complain that they were cutting off his circulation.

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