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Slideshow: Shortest celebrity marriages

Some of the most short-lived celebrity marriages on record.

Charles Manson granted parole — not

It was a psych, and a good one, that went viral after it was posted on the satire website Empire News on Wednesday. Kudos to writer Aaron Smith for fooling so many with the well-written piece. The truth is that Manson follower Bruce Davis, now 71, serving life for murder, was granted parole at his 28th [...]

Video: TGIF EMT style

When not saving lives in extremely stressful, emergency situations, even EMTs need to blow off steam. At least, we hope this ambulance driver wasn’t in the middle of responding to an extremely stressful, life-or-death-emergency situation. Probably not… the siren would have been on. Right?

Reported house explosion was just a messy front lawn

Well, maybe it could be called an explosion, but there were no explosives involved. It seems that a hoarder’s stuff “exploded” out of his house and onto the front lawn in such a way that a passerby thought the house had literally blown up.

Here are the creepiest Airbnb photos you’ll see

A new tumblr blog called “You’re Gonna Die Here” makes the creepiest listings on Airbnb seem just hilarious

Elderly woman attempting to exit garage hits 11 parked cars

A woman, 85, was planning to leave a parking garage with her husband in the car when she backed up and hit two parked cars. Changing direction she then hit two more cars — an Audi A4 and Mercedes B-Class — followed by a Mercedes-Vito and a concrete pillar. Then, panic set in.

India fights public urination with water cannon

Fighting fire with fire, authorities in India are taking back the streets from public urinators with high-powered hoses. Their solution to an all-too-common urban problem is not just effective, but is sanitary, doesn’t create a lot of paperwork, and provides amusement for all those electing to hold it in.

Massachusetts DOT: ‘Use ya blinkah’

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has high hopes for the electronic message posted this morning on roadways urging commuters to signal lane changes. In a move that some drivers have hailed as “Wicked Clevah!” the DOT apparently translated the English-language message, Changing lanes? Use your blinker into English for Boston.

Florida bank robber mistakenly leaves his name with teller

In seems that Felipe Cruz, 39, was looking for a job on April 10, 2014. We don’t know what happened to derail him, but he allegedly wound up trying to rob a bank in Pompano Beach, Florida, with a note containing his all personal information.

Greatest acts of vandalism of all time

From art to trash bins and everything in between; nothing is safe from vandals.

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