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EPA asks employees to stop pooping in hallway

In an email sent out earlier this year to the employees of Denver’s Region 8 of the EPA, management reportedly acknowledged “several instances” in which employees exhibited bad potty behavior including, but not limited to, pooping in the hallway outside the bathroom.

Video: Victim flamboyantly stands up to armed robber in brazil

In honor Brazil;s hosting the FIFA World Cup this year, we present surveillance cam footage of a failed robbery attempt in in that fair country, in which an armed robber is most decidedly shown the door, or should we say the window, by his intended victim.

Man on meth allegedly shoots at police with gun from his butt

The man was cuffed, and though reports don’t say how, he managed to pull a Raven P25 Auto .25 handgun out of his butt crack and fire at officers. The suspect reportedly managed to squeeze off two shots before the gun jammed.

Suspect left ‘salesperson of the month’ award at robbery scene

A Washington State man was arrested after police responding to a robbery allegedly found his plaque on the front lawn of the home. Neither he nor the victim knew each other, so why in the world his award was there is a mystery for the ages.

PG County police tweet BOLO for bunny

Most of the twitter comments are what you’d expect, “Anyone check with Elmer Fud?” “Just follow the wabbit twax” and “That’s all folks,” but one mentions the local Bunny Man urban legend. Given the recent Slender Man stabbing, finding this “wascawy wabbit” might not be such a waste of time.

Slideshow: Shortest celebrity marriages

Some of the most short-lived celebrity marriages on record.

Charles Manson granted parole — not

It was a psych, and a good one, that went viral after it was posted on the satire website Empire News on Wednesday. Kudos to writer Aaron Smith for fooling so many with the well-written piece. The truth is that Manson follower Bruce Davis, now 71, serving life for murder, was granted parole at his 28th [...]

Video: TGIF EMT style

When not saving lives in extremely stressful, emergency situations, even EMTs need to blow off steam. At least, we hope this ambulance driver wasn’t in the middle of responding to an extremely stressful, life-or-death-emergency situation. Probably not… the siren would have been on. Right?

Reported house explosion was just a messy front lawn

Well, maybe it could be called an explosion, but there were no explosives involved. It seems that a hoarder’s stuff “exploded” out of his house and onto the front lawn in such a way that a passerby thought the house had literally blown up.

Here are the creepiest Airbnb photos you’ll see

A new tumblr blog called “You’re Gonna Die Here” makes the creepiest listings on Airbnb seem just hilarious

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