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Big Boned and Busted!

Our favorite plus-sized mugshots.

Would-be Robbers Beaten Black and Blue by Intended Victims

Gerald Allen and Johnny Calderon probably thought they had found the perfect marks in the two University of Virginia students they allegedly planned to rob, but found out only too late just how wrong they were.

Mugshot: It’s Clearly a Face Tattoo, but of What?

Meet Jake Lee Greene, 23, arrested on July 19, 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The charges against Greene are not specified, but it is entirely possible that some friendly neighborhood LEO took one look at Greene’s face tattoo and decided that it should be photographed for posterity — and possibly for later identification.

Mugshots: Arrested, but Still Feelin’ Good

High as kites? Maybe, but these alleged perps weren’t going to let a little arrest get them down.

Mugshot: Habib Rene Soumare

Meet Habib Rene Soumare, who was arrested in Raleigh, N.C., on June 18, 2013, for “POSS RCRD DEV SHW TRU NAME>100,” which means …

Mugshot: Trending, Thick Brows

The thick brow has landed on fashion’s runways and is making its way to the lens of the police camera. Done correctly this new trend can make you look smart, engaging and interested.

Mugshot of the Day

Welcome to Monday. I’m sure this Louisiana woman, 50, looks just like many of us felt this morning — except that she got herself arrested.

Mugshot Makeover

Meet the old Dennis Shorter of Putnam County Florida, arrested on July 26, 2011, in Palatka, Florida, for possession of marijuana, and possession of marijuana of over 20 grams …

Mugshot of the Day

In not so much a mug shot as perhaps a mood shot, we present Stephen Slone of Henderson County North Carolina, arrested on February 24, 2013, for — you guessed it — resisting arrest.

Mugshot Makeover

Today we are pleased to present the mug of Gary Montgomery of Lake County California, who went from spooky, to say the least, at his October 2011 arrest for use of and being under the influence of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and possession of hypodermic needles; to a whole new look when arrested for possession of a controlled substance in December 2012.

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