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Topless TA Leads Florida Deputies on High Speed Chase

Modest topless driver runs stop sign, collides with tree and keeps right on driving to avoid an embarrassing scene with deputies.

Rejected Man Pees on Woman at Bar

A woman was enjoying her evening at a Shooters Grill and Bar in Boulder, Colo., when Timothy Paez sidled up to her and slipped his arm around her. She expressed her disinterest in his advances, and he expressed his dismay — by peeing on her leg.

Man Arrested for Refusing to Leave Jail, Again

On Saturday, Rodney Dwayne Valentine, 37, was released from Rockingham County Jail in North Carolina, where he’d been since May 22nd on a charge of injury to personal property. Upon his release, Valentine asked Sheriff’s deputies to give him a ride to a motel. They refused, and Valentine in turn refused to leave the jail.

Police: Man Drinks Beer Through DUI Checkpoint

In Vernon, Conn., a man who police say was drinking a beer while driving was arrested at a DUI checkpoint this weekend. And in Ohio, a man was arrested for DUI twice in three hours.

Georgia Woman Calls 911 to Protest Bad Mugshot

Tonya Ann Fowler was arrested after calling 911 twice on July 15: Once to complain about an ugly mugshot of herself, and again to complain about a storage problem.

Ex-Cop Pleads Guilty to Impersonating ‘Massage Inspector’

A former Chicago-area police officer pleaded guilty to charges Wednesday, in connection with impersonating an officer, stripping naked, and demanding a full frontal massage at a day spa.

Naked Suspect Found in Bottom of Port-a-Potty

Maine police responded to a call about a man causing a disturbance at the Enman Disc Golf course in Brunswick around 6 p.m. on July 6. According to witnesses, the naked man, 29, was “rolling in mud, tipping over trash cans and sitting in the disc goals.”

Alleged Burglar Caught by a Set of Window Blinds

In the latest installment of Criminals Trapped by Technology, no wait, I don’t think blinds are really considered high-end technology these days, let’s say Dumb Criminals, a would-be burglar was apprehended by a set of window blinds.

Naked People in the News: Nude Man Carjacks Vehicles; Unwanted Stranger Joins Woman in Hot Tub

Police believe that Scottsdale, Arizona, man John Brigham was involved in two serious collisions in two different stolen cars in possibly the same hour; and in Oregon, an exhausted traveler decided to break up the miles by joining a complete stranger in her hot tub…uninvited.

Woman Claims GPS Made Her Drive Into Golf Course Sand Trap

When asked what had happened Patricia Maione reportedly said that her GPS had told her to turn left into a ‘cornfield,’ and that once she was in the ‘cornfield’ she could not find her way out, adding that she doesn’t even like golf. Turns out alcohol was involved.

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