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Cop’s Flatulence Leads Police to Huge Pot Growing Operation

Though no one is officially calling it Operation Silent But Deadly, police sources have confirmed that the overwhelming gassiness of one unnamed officer in Leicester, England, is being credited with a huge pot bust.

Police Chase of Drunk, Naked Ohio Man Ends in Neighbor’s Dryer

You never really know your neighbors until you find them naked and hiding from the law in your dryer. With this in mind, the events of the morning of Wednesday, May 29, 2013, would prove enlightening for the folks who live near Morse and Hutton Streets in Linwood, Ohio.

Woman Assaults Boyfriend for Singing Catchy Tune

Samantha Malson had reportedly been drinking all night and arguing with her boyfriend in celebration of his 26th birthday. Around midnight she put on the popular song Thrift Shop, which he started singing, badly, it would seem because Malson then did what many have only dreamt of doing under similar circumstances: she throttled him.

The UK Unveils: The Bradford Batman, No Really!

A mystery man in Bradford, England, seems to have picked up the mantle of the Dark Knight. He did not reveal his true identity, but just turned over his prisoner, wrapped up business with police and disappeared into the night.

Investigation Reveals Inmates Were Sent to Store for Food and Beer

Jailers in American Samoa were arrested this week after investigators discovered that they were sending inmates out unsupervised to a local store.

Just Another Roadside Attraction

A Uniontown, Pa. woman was arrested recently for flagging down motorists at an intersection and offering to perform a striptease for money. Such a display might initially seem unusual, but roads, highways and intersections have long been favored by all types for very weird displays.

Man Fellating Dildo While Driving —Erratically— is Arrested

Brian Wutschke, 45, of Farmington, Minn., was arrested in Minneapolis on August 22, 2012, after a woman, 30, reported his sucking on a sex toy while driving and holding up traffic. Police quickly tracked him down, and that’s when it got weird.

Man Poops His Pants to Avoid Arrest

A Louisiana man, who was pulled over for driving erratically, was drunk enough to think that if he could gross out the cops enough, they would let him go. He was wrong.

Angry Woman Arrested for Chasing Man With Fishing Pole

A Florida woman was arrested this week when police interrupted what she was about to do to her boyfriend with a knife, a fishing pole and a jagged piece of glass. Last week a Texas woman was arrested for what she actually did do to her man with boiling hot oil and a stripper pole.

Topless TA Leads Florida Deputies on High Speed Chase

Modest topless driver runs stop sign, collides with tree and keeps right on driving to avoid an embarrassing scene with deputies.