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Alleged molester caught in the act by child’s dad

Meet Raymond Frolander, caught in the act of allegedly molesting his neighbor’s 11-year-old son. Frolander had the bad luck of getting caught by none-other-than the child’s father, who called 911 saying, “Send an ambulance. He is going to need one.” The dispatcher then asked if any weapons were used, to which the father replied, “my foot and my fist.”

Teens try to rob car with deputy inside

If there’s a Number 1 Rule to burgling cars, it has to be: First check that Officer Friendly isn’t inside it. Three Florida teens learned this valuable lesson around 6 p.m. Tuesday, after allegedly trying to enter a car with undercover detectives calmly sitting inside the car, watching them.

Slideshow: Beauty school dropouts

Ma’am, step away from the eyeliner and put your hands on your head.

Florida man offers to pay for sex with a salad

Alonzo Liverman didn’t have money, so he optimistically offered a salad as payment for sex with a woman he thought was a prostitute. “I’ll give you a blow job for a salad,” she said. Success! he may have thought, but unfortunately for Liverman, he and his salad were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Funniest mugshot faces

A collection of arrestees who guaranteed their spot in the mugshot hall of fame.

VIDEO: One of the Shortest Armed Robberies Ever

The following video demonstrates how luck and timing can wreak havoc with the goals of those eager to rob. The title does not exaggerate either, 15 seconds from entering the convenience store to being hustled off to a police cruiser.

Brooklyn Man’s Saggy Pants Led to his Capture by Police

We’ve all heard of crimes of fashion, well the arrest of Brooklyn man Joel Donaldson, 21, may be the first time that a poor fashion choice prevented a crime.

Mesa Man Strips, Sprays Self With Bug Spray to Throw off K-9

Some say there’s no way to throw off a well-trained tracking dog. Others point to wading in streams and using pepper spray. Whatever your preferred method of evading capture by police, we could all learn a lesson from the arrest of Raymond Collier, who tried to throw off a dog that wasn’t actually there.

Cuffed Man Tries to Pee Out Window of Moving Police Cruiser

According to a police report filed on August 8, 2013, police in Indian River County pulled Devin Langford over on suspicion of DUI. The Deputy on the scene, Brian Bell noted that Langford had "red, glassy, and bloodshot eyes," slurred speech and "a plethora of empty beer cans" in his vehicle.

Dad Flaunts Cash on Facebook, Gets Arrested for Child Support

From our friends at the Daily Dot: A Milwaukee man is facing felony charges after allegedly failing to pay child support and flashing his cash on Facebook.

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