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Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitive Captured in Nicaragua

The FBI can cross another fugitive off of its Top Ten Most Wanted list. Accused child pornographer Eric Justin Toth, on the run since 2008, was captured in Nicaragua over the weekend.

Fugitive Turns Himself In, But Police Are Closed

After 17 months on the run Saleh Hadri decided to turn himself in for the murder of a gang leader in Malmö, Sweden, but was told that the police station was closed for the day. So what’s a guy gotta do to get arrested in Malmö anyway?

Florida Fugitive Inmate Shot Dead in Texas, Questions Remain

Though the manhunt is over, authorities are investigating how a dangerous convict could have successfully executed a premeditated attack with a shiv and escape from police custody.

Manhunt for Dangerous Fugitive Alberto Morales Continues

Authorities are still searching for Florida inmate Alberto Morales who escaped while being transported to Nevada to serve out a 30-year to life sentence for sexual assault with a weapon. Morales had vowed to fellow inmates that he would not be going back to prison. So far he’s kept his word.

Today in Crime History: Police Discover John List’s Murdered Family

On December 7, 1971, following up on a tip from a concerned neighbor, police entered the New Jersey mansion of John List. Inside, they found the bodies of his mother, wife and three children. List had planned the killings so carefully that they went unnoticed for almost a month, and List himself was able to escape justice for nearly 18 years.

‘Mad’ Software Guru John McAfee Arrested and Hospitalized

John McAfee has been denied asylum by Guatemala and has been hospitalized after experiencing chest pains. Meanwhile his lawyers are making a last ditch effort to keep him from being sent back to Belize for questioning in connection with the murder of Gregory Faull.

FBI: Help Locate Bank Robbery Suspect for ‘Some Quick Christmas Cash’

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward or as their press release states, “some quick Christmas cash or a windfall in the New Year to anyone who can help locate” fugitive Victor Dwayne Johnson, who is charged with one count of bank robbery and is wanted in Texas for questioning in other bank jobs.”

Most Wanted Fugitive Arrested in Mexico

One of the FBI’s top ten most wanted fugitives has been apprehended in Mexico, authorities say. Joe Saenz has been on the run since 1998 when he allegedly shot and killed two rival gang members in Los Angeles. Ten days later, police say Saenz kidnapped, raped and murdered Sigreta Hernandez, his girlfriend and the mother of his then two-year-old daughter.

U.S. Marshalls Close the Case on Most Wanted Fugitive

The remains found in Bath County Virgina earlier this monthe have been confirmed by DNA testing to belong to fugitive Beacher Hackney, who was wanted for a premeditated double homicide at his workplace in 2009.

More Severe Charges for Mother of Adam Mayes

The mother of Adam Mayes, who allegedly killed a mother and sister and kidnapped the two younger sisters before shooting himself after police tracked him down, has been formally charged with aggravated kidnapping for her role in helping with her son’s plot.

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