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Randy Kraft: The freeway killer

Michael Sean O’Fallon, a 17-year-old Colorado native, hoped to “see the world” after high school. He hitchhiked to British Columbia in June 1980 and made it back to Oregon before his luck ran out. His naked corpse was found along I-5, 10 miles from Salem, on July 17, 1980. O’Fallon was hog-tied with shoelaces, a cord knotted around his scrotum. Despite near-fatal levels of alcohol and Valium in his blood, death had been caused by strangulation.

Disturbing First Hand Account of An Encounter with Serial Killer Randy Kraft

Randy Kraft was a serial killer active from 1972 to 1983. He is believed to have killed anywhere from 13-67 males, though he was convicted of 16 murders. Many of his victims were former U.S. Marines, like the author of this chilling account, Jay Roberts, who only recently realized that one of the nicest guys he ever met was Randy Kraft.

Today in Crime History: The Police’s First Encounter With Randy Kraft

On May 14, 1983, two police officers pulled over Randy Kraft for drunk driving. Once they looked in his car, they found an unconscious body with blood on the seat. Unfortunately, this was only the start of what would become the story of one of the most notorious freeway killers.

Today in Crime History: The Freeway Killer Takes his 17th and 18th Victims

On April 10, 1980, William Bonin abducted and killed Steven Wood, 16, of Bellflower, California, and Lawrence Eugene Sharp, 18, of Long Beach; they were found sexually assaulted, strangled and dumped liked the others. A prosecutor once said of Bonin and his crimes, "He was impassioned about what he did. He loved it."

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