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Gabbiee Swainson, Still Missing, Still Doesn’t Qualify for an Amber Alert

Gabrielle Swainson, 16, has been missing since August 18, when her mother came home from an overnight shift to find that her daughter, who had been in her pajamas and asleep, was gone. With no sign of the girl, no forced entry, and no leads, police were unable to issue and Amber Alert for the missing teen. Even now police are still piecing together what happened, and Gabbiee is still missing.

Gabrielle Swainson’s Blood and Hair Found in Suspect’s Home

Investigators are not saying what other evidence they collected that could connect Freddie Grant to missing child Gabrielle Swainson. Grant, who has a prior criminal record, is in custody on a weapons charge and is a person of Interest in two other cases. Gabrielle is still missing.

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