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Mandela funeral fake sign language interpreter gets a new gig

Once outed as a fake, Thamsanqa Jantjie has been biding his time in a mental facility, but is now making his online comeback in a bizarre ad for

Slideshow: Faking it

Twenty outrageous cases of impersonation and false representation.

14 of the biggest scams of all time

Infamous cons, both historic and modern, from all over the world.

Slideshow: Legendary frauds & fakes

It seems that for every sucker born, there’s a grifter and a scam born too; from con artists like Elmyr de Hory and Frank Abagnale, Jr. to ingenious and not-so-ingenious hoaxes like the Lochness Monster and the Man in the Moon.

Slideshow: Lottery winners who lost everything

As fortunate as most people feel when they win a big payout in a lottery, the huge cash windfall can often bring ill fortune, including swarms of freeloaders, money-hungry grifters, untimely death and even murder.

South African fake interpreter has criminal past

New revelations have emerged about the inept sign language interpreter who made a mockery of Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. Thamsanqua Jantjie has admitted he’s a schizophrenic and suffered hallucinations during the service that was broadcast around the world. But South African news agency eNCA reports that the man who stood just feet away from the [...]

Slideshow: Demotivators

They may claim to help you face your fear, find yourself and achieve inner peace, but they have problems of their own. A look in photos at some motivational speakers’ legal troubles.

Police: Beware of soul cleansing scam

Police in Santa Fe, New Mexico are warning people to be aware of women offering soul cleansings to ward off evil spirits. It’s already happened to at least one man whose soul may or may not have been cleansed, but his wallet and bank account certainly were.

Clifford Irving’s hoax

Clifford Michael Irving was an only child born to Jay and Dorothy Irving of New York on November 5, 1930. Little is known about his formative years, but later he became an investigative writer and reporter, best known for having successfully fobbed off his fake autobiography of Howard Hughes on publishers McGraw Hill, and almost getting away with it.

Slideshow: A Criminal Economy

Financial wizards who use fountain pens, bank transfers and parachutes — golden or otherwise — to take the money and run.

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