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The Chris Coleman family massacre

Chris Coleman, the head of security for Joyce Meyer Ministries calls his police officer neighbor, worried after not being able to reach his wife. When police enter the house, they find a grisly scene. Coleman claimed had been receiving threatening messages at work that warned him his family would die if Meyer didn’t stop preaching. But an investigation quickly unraveled Coleman’s story.

The Mitchell family’s murders

Two brothers–Artie and Jim Mitchell–had created a booming porn business in 1970s LA. But success came with problems, and on February 27, 1991, Jim shot Artie after an argument. A computer simulation video, breakthrough technology at the time, helped sway the jury to convict Jim.

Online murder mystery doubles as a forensics course

From our friends at The Daily Dot: A wife, brutally murdered on the day of her wedding anniversary. A distraught husband. A missing gun. Want to solve a murder?

Bag of tricks: The murder of Roland Kuster

The investigation into the violent murder of up-and-coming Hollywood photographer Roland Kuster reached a dead end when detectives’ only suspect was eliminated by DNA evidence. Ultimately a mysterious backpack left at the murder scene would tie the real killer to the crime. On December 1, 1997, DNA testing of that suspect began.

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: The Clark County Jane Doe

In early 2008, police in Clark County, Nevada, received an anonymous letter that included maps of the area around US 93 & Boulder Highway. Police conducted a search and on January 23 discovered a woman’s skull.

Slideshow: Serial killer sketches

Compare the police sketches of notorious serial killers with their actual mugshots.

Slideshow: No body, no murder? Not so fast.

The body of a murder victim often provides important information about the killer, not to mention confirmation that a murder has actually occurred. Though authorities face great challenges in bringing a killer to justice without the victim’s body, such cases are not hopeless.

Forensics & Investigation: The art of forensic psychology

A man stabs his wife to death while sleepwalking; a girl claims she was held captive inside a box for seven years; a mother stones her children to death on God’s command. These are only some examples of the types of cases into which a forensic psychologist may be brought, for anything from assessment to testimony to treatment.

Slideshow: Police Sketches Only a Mother Could Love

When a suspect commits a crime and runs off, police sketch artists can use a witness’s description to develop a likeness of the offender. Sometimes, it doesn’t quite turn out right.

Your Daily Creepout: Ted Bundy’s Bite Mark

Prolific serial killer Ted Bundy’s undoing was a bite mark he left on the buttocks of one of his victims, Lisa Levy. Levy and her sorority sister Martha Bowman had been strangled and beaten to death, but their killer did not leave much evidence in the Chi Omega sorority house, except for the bite mark, which later matched impressions taken of Bundy’s teeth and became a central piece of evidence at his trial.