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Florida man bites off neighbor’s ear over cigarette

It seems that smoking is bad for you in ways that no one ever even imagined. A man in Boca Raton nearly had his ear bitten completely off by an angry neighbor whose request to bum a cigarette was denied.

The mysterious case of the decapitated dildos

In November police in Indian River County Florida responded to a call from Lakenya Bristol, who had just moved out of her girlfriend’s house after a domestic dispute. She showed the officer her personal collection of sex toys, three dildos with the “heads” cut off, and fingered her ex as the culprit. The case remains unsolved.

Florida man attacks girlfriend with banana

It’s a new year and Florida is quickly establishing itself once again as the global headquarters for bizarre and unexpected crimes. As if there was ever any doubt, a domestic assault involving a banana kicks off another year of absurdity for the Sunshine State.

‘Breaking Bad’ party contest winner busted on drug charges

Ryan Lee Carroll got to see the final episode of Breaking Bad before everyone else when he won a private viewing party invite with the cast in Hollywood. But now Carroll may be trying to keep the high going after the show’s conclusion: He and a buddy were arrested for drug possession and other charges in Florida.

Best Florida crime stories of 2013

By best we mean, the ones you liked the most: the good, the bad, and the ugly, from crazy Florida to you in 2013.

Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy: Income $0, Assets $1,084, Debt $792,119.

But luckily for her she won’t have to pay it. Earlier this week a judge granted her debt relief from the massive bills she racked up for her defense.

Florida man tries to trade live gator for beer

Fernando Caignet Aguilera of Miami, Florida, saw his chance and he took it: a live alligator at the park that he could catch and use to get some free beer at the local bodega. What he didn’t count of was the store’s clerk freaking out and calling police.

Bullet ricocheted off man’s skull, cracked windshield

In a very weird accident, a lucky Florida grandfather recently survived being hit in the head by a stray bullet. His windshield, however, was not so lucky.

Police: Mom huffing ‘whippets’ passed out with baby in car

Sarasota, Florida, mom Jennifer Ann Lee, 29, is facing charges of child neglect after police reportedly found her with several spent nitrous oxide cartridges in, around and under her in the car, and her son, 1, asleep in the back seat.

The Courtney Schulhoff murder trial

A babyfaced Courtney Schulhoff was just 16 when she plotted her father’s murder and enlisted her 20 year-old boyfriend’s help to carry it out. Steven Schulhoff, 48, was found beaten to death in the family’s Altamonte Springs, Fla., apartment on Feb. 10, 2004.