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Florida bank robber mistakenly leaves his name with teller

In seems that Felipe Cruz, 39, was looking for a job on April 10, 2014. We don’t know what happened to derail him, but he allegedly wound up trying to rob a bank in Pompano Beach, Florida, with a note containing his all personal information.

Thursday’s mugshot of the day

Paul McCallion was arrested yesterday in Lee County, FL. The 51-year-old was charged with battery on a person over 65 and damage to property.

Robert Champion’s Hazing Death

A look at the case of the young and talented Florida A&M University clarinet player and drum major, killed by injuries sustained in a hazing ritual that went too far.

Watch: Road-rage yields instant-karma response from universe

A Florida driver being harassed by an irate man in a truck decided to film the encounter with her phone. The video shows the other driver harassing her, giving her the finger, aggressively cutting her off — and spectacularly losing control of his vehicle.

Florida cop arrested for posing as teen girl online, soliciting explicit photos from boys

In a report that we hope could only come out of Florida, an obese Bunell police sergeant, has allegedly been caught posing as a young girl on Facebook, asking teen males for photos of their penises in exchange for sexual favors.

Anyone she wanted: The sex scandal surrounding Debra Lafave

On March 21, 2006, a judge in the second jurisdiction in which Lafave was facing charges denied her plea agreement. That prosecutor later dropped the charges, a victory for Lafave, who had already avoided jail time in the other jurisdiction. An examination of the case of the teacher who was too pretty for prison.

Photo: Police pull over toddler girl in tiny pink hot rod

The little lady was practicing driving in a parking lot with her dad, when Florida equine police thought it would be fun to write her a pretend parking ticket. According to police, both the girl and her dad took the joke in the spirit in which it was intended, and then she got to pet the horses.

Naked Florida man spotted in Walgreen’s restroom by girl, 6

The little girl’s father waited for her to go to the bathroom, but rushed in when he heard her screaming. The naked man she had seen pushed her aside as the concerned father entered and rescued his daughter. So what was said naked guy doing in the women’s bathroom? Knocking boots with his girlfriend, of course.

Thief left driver license at dealership he robbed

This guy can been seen on a surveillance tape pulling out a phone while he’s robbing a car dealership and — unbeknownst to him — his license comes out too and falls to the floor. He might have noticed if he had just paid attention to the robbery he was committing and not fiddling with [...]

Police release composite of flashing serial urinator

Police in Gainesville, Florida, have release a sketch of a suspect, that admittedly looks more like a hand puppet than a person, wanted for allegedly urinating on at least seven women in February and March of this year.

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