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Alleged arsonist was asked not to masturbate in open windows

Florida man Kenneth Haskins, 58, allegedly has developed a habit of pleasuring himself where he can be seen in public. Recently, he reportedly got a request from the management company of the apartment building where he has lived for the last ten years asking that he refrain from masturbating in open windows and doors for all to see.

The Abduction of Carlie Brucia

Joseph Smith sat in a car in Sarasota, Florida, on Superbowl Sunday 2004, a bag of coke and a syringe on his lap. Future prospects: zero. He saw Carlie Brucia, 11, hurry past, and lunged. He grabbed her and forced the terrified girl into his Buick for the last ride she would ever have.

Another Florida face eating victim, eyes nearly gouged out, but this attacker wasn’t naked

In a seemingly unprovoked attack, reminiscent of Rudi Eugene’s naked attack on Ronald Popo last August, a Florida man was allegedly assaulted by a neighbor, who, in an allegedly drugged-out craze, thought he was subduing the Devil.

Justin Bieber is in jail; here’s his mugshot

In the early hours of Thursday morning, Justin Bieber led police on a short, high-speed chase on Pine Tree Drive in Miami, then pulled over, failed a sobriety test and was charged with DUI and drag racing. Bieber’s rented Lamborghini was pulled over along with a car driven by rapper Crazy Khalil. Both drivers were arrested [...]

Police: Drunk woman parked self — and remains of car — in jail lot

Early Monday morning, according to Gainesville, FL., police, Brielle Watkins was intoxicated when she drove her smashed Ford Escape, minus one whole rear tire, into the county jail, but why did she do it?

Another shooting has Floridians asking if Stand Your Ground makes any sense

A young hoodie-wearing man was shot and killed by a gun-wielding vigilante — who thought he might be catching a robber — in Florida last week. The shooter claims he acted in self-defense even though he shot the man in the back.

Florida man calls 911 when police detain him, reports a kidnapping

There are probably many ways of getting out of an arrest, but one surefire way to get yourself locked up in no time is to repeatedly call 911 saying that you are being kidnapped by police. 911 operators across the country, no doubt hope that Sean Slocum, 21, of West Palm Beach learned this valuable lesson Saturday.

Mugshot of the day: Defiance

Jonathan Crenshaw was arrested in Dade County Florida on January 10, 2014, for pot possession, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. The arrest record does not specify what set Crenshaw off, but he seems much feistier in the following mugshot than he does here.

Texting in Florida theater leads to murder

Everyone hates the guy who uses his phone during a movie, but in Tampa, Florida, one movie customer was so irate that he actually opened fire in the Cobb theater during a screening of Lone Survivor this afternoon, leaving one dead and one wounded.

Florida man bites off neighbor’s ear over cigarette

It seems that smoking is bad for you in ways that no one ever even imagined. A man in Boca Raton nearly had his ear bitten completely off by an angry neighbor whose request to bum a cigarette was denied.