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Florida Mom kept son up all night with her partying

In a twisted Freaky Friday sort of case, a Marin County Florida woman was arrested after allegedly keeping her teenage son up all night with her wild partying. The son was late to school, and had to be driven there by deputies.

Slideshow: The Jessica Lunsford case

This charming Florida child was abducted from her home in February 2005 by drugged-out, repeat-sex-offender John Couey. A look back at the case in photos.

Glen Rogers, the Cross-Country Killer

Handsome, smooth-talking ladies’ man Glen Edward Rogers traveled the U.S. targeting women and men to rob and kill. Many of his female victims had reddish hair, like his mother. When in L.A., he met Nicole Brown Simpson and partied with her the night she was killed. Interestingly, one DNA sample found did not match either victim or O.J. It has never been tested.

An alligator helped stop this car thief

Calvin Rodriguez was speeding away in an allegedly stolen Honda Civic when he hit an alligator crossing a Port St Lucie, Florida, road. Police were pursuing Rodriguez for a rash of stolen Hondas and Acuras and say they spotted him shortly before he hit the ‘gator. Police believe Rodrigues stole five cars using a “shaved [...]

Facebragging about selling drugs catches up with Florida man

Taylor Harrison was just trying to show his Facebook friends how daring he had become with his drug-dealing — by posting selfies with cops in the background — but the law caught up with him. Now who’s bragging? The Martin County Sheriff’s Department posted the taunting pictures on their Facebook page.

TV pitchman Billy Mays 911 phone call

The emotional call made by family members upon finding TV pitchman and infomercial celebrity Billy Mays dead in his home from a suspected cocaine overdose:

Fireworks fueled fire in Florida Mansion killing a family

Local authorities are calling a fire that killed a family in a Tampa mansion “suspicious” after fireworks were found strewn throughout the debris and — incredibly — attached to two of the victims.

Friday’s Mugshot of the Day

Estrella Coral Barrios was arrested yesterday afternoon in Alachua County, FL, on charges of battery and marijuana possession.

The brutal crimes of the Sun Gym Gang

In 1994 Daniel Lugo asked three men he knew from the Sun Gym to kidnap a mutual acquaintance named Marc Schiller, he said had stolen from a friend. They agreed and tortured Schiller until he signed over everything. Schiller survived with no one believing his story. The next victims of the Sun Gym Gang weren’t nearly so lucky.

Police: Florida man dumped urine on building inspector

Craig Siegel, 44, a Sarasota chiropractor and the owner/manager of Siesta Key Vacation Rentals, was arrested after dumping an entire bucket of pee on an uninvited county code enforcement officer. He’s still smiling.

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