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Slideshow: Martin Lee Anderson boot camp death

Martin Lee Anderson was 14 in January 2006 when he was sent to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Boot Camp in Panama City, Florida. He died there that same month under disturbing circumstances.

Video: Florida judge allegedly punches lawyer inside the courthouse

Some call it unprofessional, those in the court room cheered. Others may find it funny simply because it happened in Florida. A judge has been officially put on leave of absence, and has agreed to take anger management counseling, after allegedly punching out a public defender in the hallway of the Viera courthouse Monday.

Today in Crime History: Clarence Gideon is arrested

On June 3, 1961, small-time criminal Clarence Gideon was arrested for robbing a Florida pool hall. Too poor to afford a lawyer, he represented himself, and got the maximum sentence. He spent his time studying the law, and filed a petition with the Supreme Court, whose decision would change our legal system, and free thousands of convicts.

Slideshow: The abduction of Carlie Brucia

Carlie Brucia disappeared on Super Bowl Sunday 2004. Though her mother called 911 immediately, the amber alert was not issued until 18 hours later, after police found a surveillance video confirming the girl’s abduction. By then it was too late to save Carlie.

What does a botched electric chair execution look like?

It’s not pretty, that’s for sure. In 1999 convicted murderer Allen Lee Davis became the first and last inmate to be executed in Florida’s brand new electric chair, intended to replace the notoriously malfunctioning “Old Sparky.” Warning: This post contains disturbing photographs.

Florida Mom kept son up all night with her partying

In a twisted Freaky Friday sort of case, a Marin County Florida woman was arrested after allegedly keeping her teenage son up all night with her wild partying. The son was late to school, and had to be driven there by deputies.

Slideshow: The Jessica Lunsford case

This charming Florida child was abducted from her home in February 2005 by drugged-out, repeat-sex-offender John Couey. A look back at the case in photos.

Glen Rogers, the Cross-Country Killer

Handsome, smooth-talking ladies’ man Glen Edward Rogers traveled the U.S. targeting women and men to rob and kill. Many of his female victims had reddish hair, like his mother. When in L.A., he met Nicole Brown Simpson and partied with her the night she was killed. Interestingly, one DNA sample found did not match either victim or O.J. It has never been tested.

An alligator helped stop this car thief

Calvin Rodriguez was speeding away in an allegedly stolen Honda Civic when he hit an alligator crossing a Port St Lucie, Florida, road. Police were pursuing Rodriguez for a rash of stolen Hondas and Acuras and say they spotted him shortly before he hit the ‘gator. Police believe Rodrigues stole five cars using a “shaved [...]

Facebragging about selling drugs catches up with Florida man

Taylor Harrison was just trying to show his Facebook friends how daring he had become with his drug-dealing — by posting selfies with cops in the background — but the law caught up with him. Now who’s bragging? The Martin County Sheriff’s Department posted the taunting pictures on their Facebook page.

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