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Guy tries to kill spider with blow torch, nearly burns down home

A man in Seattle, Washington, caused about $60,000 in damage to his home trying to kill a spider. In his defense, we don’t know what kind of spider it was, how big it was or how gross and hairy it was. In any case, fire crews are pretty sure he got it.

Man tries to smoke cigarette and blow nose at same time, burns down house

An unnamed Davidson County North Carolina couple in their 60s is temporarily homeless after the man reportedly blew his nose while smoking a cigarette. It was around 3 a.m. on June 2, 2014, he told firefighters, when he blew his nose and the cigarette set the tissue on fire. He dropped the flaming tissue and tried to stomp it out.

Fireworks fueled fire in Florida Mansion killing a family

Local authorities are calling a fire that killed a family in a Tampa mansion “suspicious” after fireworks were found strewn throughout the debris and — incredibly — attached to two of the victims.

Watch: Would-be firebomber steps on own bomb

Police in Houston, Texas, are searching for man, who firebombed a car early on March 12, 2014, and set himself on fire in the process. After appearing on surveillance camera with a lit firebomb, the suspect has so much trouble smashing the car window that he steps on his own incendiary device, setting it and his pants let aflame.

Firehouse that burned to the ground had no alarms or sprinklers

We like the to think that the place the firefighters hangout with all the costly, life-saving equipment would be well protected against fire, but a recent blaze that leveled a firehouse and everything in it proves that isn’t always the case. Authorities admit “there is a fire safety message there for us.”

Firefighters blame building fire on bird with cigarette

It’s bad enough when you have careless kids smoking on rooftops and tossing lit cigarette butts hither and yon, but firefighters now apparently have to worry about careless birds doing basically the same thing.

Fire academy douses flames with jet fuel instead of water

Authorities in Washington State are trying to figure out how a training exercise erupted into a fireball that injured two.

Child used gas to make slide slippery, catches fire

A bizarre accident in Georgia left a toddler, 2, in critical condition in a medically induced coma. The girl and her older sister, 4, were reportedly playing at their father’s house on the outdoor slide, when one of them got the bright idea to douse the slide with gasoline to make it slick.

Watch: Man sets wife on fire with gas pump

A Georgia man is facing jail after accidentally setting his wife on fire while fueling up his truck. Austin Dawkins is seen on surveillance video sparking the fumes with his lighter while he talks to his wife. The gas nozzle shoots out flame and lights up Jessica before she can get a safe distance away. She falls.

Mother Sets Daughter on Fire in Louse Treatment Gone Horribly Wrong

An Oklahoma mother is behind bars after dousing her daughter with gasoline to get rid of some pesky lice in a home remedy that went almost as badly as one could expect. The child caught fire and wound up in the hospital with extensive burns to her upper body, while the mother wound up in police custody.

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