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VIDEO: The Most Cinematic Street Fight You’ll Ever See

Most street fight videos are blurry, jumpy, vertical cell phone clips that are only worth watching for the knockout punch. They capture none of the emotion involved in a fight. But what happens when an aspiring filmmaker with some top-notch equipment comes across a domestic disturbance that’s worked its way outside? Presenting Let Me Go Tiff, a fight video worthy of the Cannes film festival.

VIDEO: Who Wants to Watch Some Drunken Punk Girls Flail Around Pathetically?

You do, that’s who. A pair of ladies got a little out of hand at a concert at LA Venue the Echo, where legendary powerviolence band Infest was playing their first show in 16 years. The girls didn’t even get to experience any of the powerviolence (a real genre apparently) before getting kicked out of the show. So the ladies got violent outside the club instead, where they were quickly tossed to the ground by the people standing in line.

VIDEO: Racist Drunk Guy Starts Fight at New Orleans Airport

In a video taken yesterday at the New Orleans airport, a visibly intoxicated man is seen hurling racial insults at a black man before instigating a physical fight with him. According to the passenger who posted the video, the man, wearing a Johnny Football shirt, was told he couldn’t board his flight to Houston because he was too drunk.

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