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Today in Crime History: Nannie Doss pleads guilty

On May 17, 1955, serial killer Nannie Doss pleaded guilty to the murder of her husband. She’d also confessed to killing three other husbands, her mother, sister, grandson and mother-in-law.

Mary Kay Letourneau arrested in Seattle

Branded a child-rapist in 1998 for sex with her student, former teacher Mary Kay Letourneau made headlines again in 2005 by marrying him. Since then they have lived in relative anonymity. Sunday Letourneau was arrested in Seattle for failure to appear and for driving with a suspended license. A look back now at the romance that was a crime.

Belle Gunness

Female serial killer Gunness is believed to have killed between 25 and 40 people, including both her husbands and all her children. In the end it is thought that she faked her own death, becoming a figure of legend, though sightings of her persisting until 1931. To this day, the body buried as Belle Gunness has not yet been conclusively identified.

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