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Slideshow: The Hiccup Girl murder case

At 15, Jennifer Mee enjoyed a moment of celebrity when she appeared on a talk show with a curious condition — hiccups that wouldn’t wuit. In 2010, the young Florida woman, by then 19, again made headlines, this time facing murder charges. Mee was sentenced to life on September 21, 2013.

Rapist who burned boy alive to be tried as an adult for murder

Today a Texas judge ruled that Don Collins, 29, may be tried for murder as an adult in the case of Robbie Middleton, 8, who named Collins as the 13-year-old boy who in 1998 raped him, doused him in gas, set him on fire and left him for dead. It took Robbie 13 years to die.

Photos: Hiccup Girl Trial Begins

The murder trial of Jennifer Mee, known as ‘The Hiccup Girl’ for a medical condition that made her famous seven years ago, is underway in Florida.

‘Hiccup Girl’ May Plead Guilty to Lesser Charge

The young woman who found herself briefly famous after coming down with a three-week case of the hiccups may soon be heading to prison for 15 years.

Three Teens–Not Shooter–Charged in Alabama Girl’s Death

In April, four Alabama teens–Scott Byrd, Dylan Tyree, Daniel Parnell and Summer Moody–went to Gravine Island in the Tensaw river delta, where they allegedly broke into cabins. Three men who were on the island took notice of the teens, and one of them, authorities say, fired what was meant to be a warning shot. The bullet hit Moody, 17, in the head. She died ten days later.

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