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Charles Manson: Speaking from inside

Despite being locked up for life, Charles Manson continues to seek — and get — the attention of the public.

Women Who Kill: Part II

The second of a two-part series about female murderers, featuring moms compelled to kill their kids, scorned mistresses and more.

VIDEO: Rodney Alcala Wins ‘The Dating Game’

With at least two victims under his belt, Rodney Alcala had already kicked off his serial killing career when he appeared on the popular game show The Dating Game in 1978. He was accepted as a contestant on the show despite being a convicted rapist.

The Definitive Aileen Wuornos

All the information you need to know about serial killer Aileen Wuornos in one place. Learn about her life and the actions that made her one of the most famous female killers in American history.

The Definitive Ottis Toole

Here it is: everything you need to know (and some stuff you’d rather not) about serial killer Ottis Toole. Look out for more pages like this about other famous criminals.

Today in Crime History: Trial Begins for ‘Genius Killer’ Edward John Ruloff

January 4, 1871, saw the beginning of the trial of famed linguist Edward John Ruloff, accused of murder. Ruloff was sentenced to death and became the last person to be publicly hanged in New York. His unusually large brain remains on display.

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