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Woman arrested for keeping men captive for sex

The woman with the Cheshire-cat grin pictured in the adjacent mugshot, was arrested last summer for allegedly holding her roommate and another man captive for sex. The men, it seems, evaluated their situation, and both opted to go out the window and dangle from the ledge screaming for help.

Slideshow: Exonerated

Cases of the innocent incarcerated, showing how even convictions beyond reasonable doubt are now subject to scientific review.

Update: Victor Espinoza Sentenced for Nabbing, Sniffing Child

Victor Espinoza, featured in our Mugshot of the Day series in December 2012, pleaded guilty and was sentenced this week in a California Court. The corpulent Espinoza was accused of luring a ten-year-old-boy walking with a cousin in October 2012, and then grabbing and sniffing the screaming, struggling child, who managed to escape.

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