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Slideshow: The Wrong Man? The Case of Marty Tankleff

On December 7, 1988, Seymour and Arlene Tankleff were brutally murdered in their home. Their adopted son Martin confessed to the crime, was tried and convicted. It would take him 20 years from prison to prove that he was innocent after all.

Two decades after his false murder confession at age 16, Daniel Villegas might go free

Daniel Villegas was just 16 when he admitted killing two men in a drive-by shooting in El Paso 20 years ago, but problems with his police confession mean he’ll get a shot at freedom.

Pedro Hernandez Claims False Confession, Asks That Charges Be Dropped

Pedro Hernandez was arrested in 2012 after police heard that he confessed to doing something bad to Etan Patz. He quickly confessed to the child’s murder once in custody. Now his lawyer argues that the confession not only contains questionable claims, but was the result of more than seven hours of grilling by police of his mentally unstable client.

Sweden’s Most Prolific Serial Killer Maybe Just Compulsive Liar

Convicted Swedish serial killer Sture Bergwall, aka Thomas Quick, who confessed to 20 murders and was convicted of 8, was considered Sweden’s worst serial killer — until he recanted his confessions and his convictions were overturned. Friday a judge ordered retrials in the last three, and if prosecutors decline to retry, Bergwall may be released this year.

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