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Today in Creepy: Sinister Clown Haunts English Village, Facebook

A mysterious clown is stalking an English town while creating a stir by anonymously posting on Facebook.

Criminal Activity & Social Media: Why Did You Just Like That Photo?

Criminal investigations use Facebook all the time, but several new cases show an evolving culture of bragging about crimes — or confessing to them — on the social platform. We take a look at this disturbing fresh trend.

What to do if Your Friend Confesses Murder on Facebook

What should you do if your friend on Facebook posts a horrifying confession? Today we found a guide of Do’s and Don’ts if that should happen.

Man Murdered Wife, Posted Photo of Body on Facebook and Confessed Online

Not much is known about Florida man Derek Medina, who posted a photo of what seemed to be his wife’s murdered body and confessed to having killed her before turning himself in. A look at the facts as they are known at this point, the posts and some photos of the couple from Medina’s now inactive Facebook page.

British Thief Threatens to Unfriend Mom on Facebook

Canterbury, England, thief Charlie Cooper engaged in and then lost a rather amusing and dim-witted legal argument on Facebook with a newspaper that published a photo of him being arrested. But not before his mom got involved and he threatened to unfriend her.

Blog Juxtaposes Mugshots With Profile Pics

If you were thrown before the police camera right now, what face would you make? Would you smile? Would you cry? Whatever you end up doing, odds are it won’t be a profile-worthy photo. A Tumblr called In Duplo, meaning “in double, or in duplicate” in Latin, is a collection of booking photos placed next to the arrestees’ profile pictures.

Man Posts Desperate Facebook Status Before Killing Wife, Self

Stephanie Byrd had left her husband Bruce Byrd. She had an order of protection against him, which she’d been granted in April. Last Friday, Stephanie went to Bruce’s mother’s house when she thought no one would be there to pick up her things. When she arrived, Bruce unleashed a barrage of bullets. Police say 30 to 33 shots were fired.

Accused Cleveland Kidnapper’s Facebook Page is so Normal it’s Scary

From our friends at the Daily Dot: What is the Facebook profile of a suspected kidnapper and rapist like? Pretty boring, actually.

Student Cited for Allegedly Writing Own Rape Threat On University ‘Crushes’ Page

Like many places of higher learning, the University of Wyoming in Laramie has a student-organized ‘Crushes’ page on Facebook, where students too shy to approach their crush can post their feelings anonymously. Everyone loves a secret admirer and the page was a big hit, until an alleged false rape threat came along and ruined it.

Facebook Post Helps Solve Cold Case Hit and Run Murder of Carolee Ashby

FBI and police in Fulton, New York, solved a cold case hit-and-run murder because of a Facebook post. The post led to a tip that helped them identify the driver of a hit and run that killed Carolee Saide Ashby, 4, on Halloween night 45 years ago.

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