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L.A. sheriff: ‘Please don’t call us’ when Facebook goes down

When the power goes out, you call the power company, but who do you call when Facebook goes out? Not the police, it turns out.

Criminal who taunted police on Facebook caught next day

July 23, 2014, Anne Arundel County police profile wanted criminal Roger Ray Ireland on social media. Later that day, Ireland himself chimes in on Facebook to taunt police, saying that they will never catch him. July 24, following up leads received from social media, detectives locate and arrest Ireland — priceless.

Facebragging about selling drugs catches up with Florida man

Taylor Harrison was just trying to show his Facebook friends how daring he had become with his drug-dealing — by posting selfies with cops in the background — but the law caught up with him. Now who’s bragging? The Martin County Sheriff’s Department posted the taunting pictures on their Facebook page.

Search for missing boy Chayson Basinio called off — because he never existed

In an era when people create all manner of fake online identities, a strange case has emerged out of France of a missing child that only ever existed on a Facebook page. French police have called off the search and charged the woman allegedly responsible for the disturbing hoax.

Watch: Drunk losers swing old woman, video the abuse

Authorities in Romania are searching for the band of drunken young men in this video, who jeer with glee as one of them grabs an elderly woman by her clothes and swings her in circles as she screams in terror. The woman runs away, but at the prompting of his “droogs” the man stops flexing his muscles, runs after her, grabs her and does it again.

Girl stabs best friend 65 times, is arrested pretending to grieve at funeral

Upset about some nude selfless posted on Facebook, 16-year-old Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez went over to her best friend’s house and stabbed her 65 times with a kitchen knife, according to Mexican authorities. She then attended the funeral to try to look innocent, but police arrested her right then and there.

Florida cop arrested for posing as teen girl online, soliciting explicit photos from boys

In a report that we hope could only come out of Florida, an obese Bunell police sergeant, has allegedly been caught posing as a young girl on Facebook, asking teen males for photos of their penises in exchange for sexual favors.

Police pop quiz: Which guns are real and which are fake?

Due to an increase in arrests for felony menacing with what turned out to be fake firearms, Denver police recently posted a quiz on their Facebook page, titled “Challenge: Can you tell which guns are real and which are fake?” The correct answers, which police posted the next day, may surprise you.

Records show driver on Facebook at time of deadly crash

A deadly Arizona crash that left a police officer dead prompted investigators to look into the cell phone records of the driver. Sure enough, he was on Facebook when the collision occurred. The records are that precise.

Photos of Rehtaeh Parsons Appeared in Facebook Dating Ads

This, in and of itself might not seem so bad, but the Nova Scotia teen committed suicide in 2011 at age 17 from online bullying stemming from an acquaintance rape. She was 15 when four boys at a friend’s house allegedly raped her, photographed it and circulated photos of the assault online. The ads have been pulled and the advertiser banned from Facebook.

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