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Facebragging about selling drugs catches up with Florida man

Taylor Harrison was just trying to show his Facebook friends how daring he had become with his drug-dealing — by posting selfies with cops in the background — but the law caught up with him. Now who’s bragging? The Martin County Sheriff’s Department posted the taunting pictures on their Facebook page.

The Nine Dumbest Facebook Arrests

From our friends at the Daily Dot: Since the company’s launch in 2004, a number of users have gotten arrested for what they’ve posted to Facebook, whether it’s threats of violence, child pornography, or photographic evidence of theft. In honor of the company’s ninth anniversary, here are nine individuals, most of them quite dumb, who have been arrested for something as simple and avoidable as a Facebook post.

Remember the Dad Accused of Taping His Daughter’s Mouth Shut and Posting a Pic on Facebook?

A Chicago dad who allegedly posted to his Facebook account, showing his 22-month-old daughter bound with tape and the caption, “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back,” had been acquitted on a charge of unlawful restraint.

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