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Update: Brutally Blinded Chinese Boy May See Again

In August we brought you the tragic story of an assault in China on a boy called “Binbin,” who was found with his eyes gouged out and would never see again. Now a Hong Kong vision specialist has offered him electronic eyes that could eventually partially restore his vision, all this at no cost to the family.

Police in China Seek Woman Who Gouged Out Child’s Eyes

Police in Linfen, Shanxi Province, China, are offering a 100,000 yuan ($16,335) reward for information leading to a female suspect who police say gouged out a six-year-old boys eyes, blinding him permanently. They have yet to find a motive in this disturbing case.

Woman Accused of Gouging Out Mother’s Eyes ‘Was Trying to Kill the Cat’

Typical Fourth of July crimes usually involve booze, fireworks and fighting—the aftermath of too much fun in the sun, but the horrific events that allegedly unfolded at the Lake Worth, Fla., home of Ferna Quesner on the night of July Fourth had nothing to do with festivities or celebration.

Relax Everyone, Police Say Eyeballs Found at Kansas City Gas Station Aren’t Human

What a relief. Police in Kansas city say that the set of eyeballs found at a Conoco gas station earlier this week didn’t come out of a human face.

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