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What Does a Botched Electric Chair Execution Look Like?

It’s not pretty, that’s for sure. In 1999 convicted murderer Allen Lee Davis became the first and last inmate to be executed in Florida’s brand new electric chair, intended to replace the notoriously malfunctioning “Old Sparky.” Warning: This post contains disturbing photographs.

LISTEN: The Georgia Execution Tapes

The website Sound Portraits gives listeners a chance to hear the raw audio recorded in the hours leading up to an inmate’s execution, during the execution itself and in its aftermath.

Today in Crime History: Ted Bundy Gives Final Interview Before Execution

On January 23, 1989, the eve of his execution, serial killer Ted Bundy discusses at length his crimes, his childhood and his impending death in Florida’s electric chair.

Today in Crime History: Gary Gilmore is Executed

After an evening with some whiskey smuggled for him into the prison and a special phone call from Johnny Cash, famous inmate Gary Gilmore was executed by firing squad on January 17, 1977.

Virginia Killer Scheduled to Die by Electrocution Tonight

Tonight, a convicted killer is set to become the first person executed in the U.S. this year. Robert Gleason Jr., 42, has actively prevented any attempts to stop his execution. While serving time in prison for murder, he strangled two inmates and threatened to continue killing unless given the death penalty.

Former Florida Cop Executed for Nine Murders

Manuel Pardo was pronounced dead at 7:47 p.m. last night at at Florida State Prison in Starke. Due to a reported malfunction of the death chamber’s sound system, reporters could not hear Pardo’s final words, but according to prison officials, he said “Airborne forever. I love you, Michi baby.” Michi, CBS News reports, is Pardo’s daughter.

Former Cop Who Killed Nine to be Executed Today

In a 1986 killing spree that lasted three months, Manuel Pardo killed nine people. Most of his victims were involved with drugs, said authorities, and Pardo claimed to be doing the world a favor by killing them.

Ohio Executes Man Convicted of Stabbing Woman 138 Times

Convicted killer Brett Harman went to his execution Tuesday still maintaining his innocence. Hartman has spent over a decade on Ohio’s death row for the brutal 1997 murder of Winda Snipes. Prosecutors said Harman had stabbed her 138 times, slit her throat and cut off her hands.

Thirteenth Execution in Texas This Year Proceeds Without Fanfare

Mario Swain, 33, was executed in Hunstville, Texas, on November 8, 2012, for the brutal murder of Lola Nixon, beaten with a tire iron, stabbed and strangled in her home two days after Christmas in 2002. After the murder Nixon’s blood was found all over her house, indicating a struggle, and on Swain’s clothing in [...]

Connecticut Home Invasion Killer Asks to be Executed

Steven Hayes, one of the two men convicted of the horrific home invasion murders of a Cheshire, Conn., woman and her two daughters in 2007, has asked to waive his appeals and be put to death. In a letter to the Hartford Courant, Steven Hayes, 49, said that he cannot continue to live under the conditions to which he is subjected on death row at Northern Correctional Institution in Somers.