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Inmates escaped to get supplies, get drunk, then returned to prison

At least four inmates from the minimum-security center of Darwin, Australia’sĀ Berrimah Prison have escaped and returned, probably more than once. According to jailers, the inmates were met on the outside by “partners,” who loaded them up with prison necessaries. The group got drunk, smoked a couple of joints, and the prisoners snuck back in unnoticed. [...]

Today in Crime History: Marie Hilley Dies

Marie Hilley, who killed her husband with poison and attempted to do away with her daughter in the same way, was so well-behaved in prison that officials gave her a three-day furlough. After walking out of prison, she spent four days crawling around in cold, muddy woods until she was found on February 26, 1987, and brought to a hospital where she died.

Arrested escapee calls 911 for help out of handcuffs

A Texas man who was able to escape police Saturday after a narcotics arrest, was however, unable to escape his handcuffs, and called 911 to complain that they were cutting off his circulation.

Watch this swim escape from East Berlin in 1988

An amazing video shows four people dramatically swimming to freedom from East Germany in 1988

VIDEO: Live-Action How to Escape from a Sinking Vehicle

These two dramatic short videos put together by authorities in Collier County Florida demonstrate how to quickly get out of a rapidly sinking vehicle. The most important tip, which is not pointed out in either video is: Don’t waste precious moments calling 911 while still in the car. Escape should be your number-one priority.

Today in Crime History: Ted Bundy Arrested After Escaping

On February 15, 1978, Ted Bundy was arrested, this time for good. While at a Colorado jail, he’d sawed a hole in his cell and lost 35 pounds to be able to wriggle through it. He made his way to Chicago, then Michigan–where he caught a college football game–and finally down to Florida, where he killed six women before being captured.

Woman Feigns Labor Pains to Avoid Arrest

After a litany of lame excuses intended to get her out of an arrest, Ohio woman Tamara Grissett told police she was in pain and was having complications with her pregnancy. No word on whether she is actually pregnant.

Man Poses as DEA Agent to Get Into Lockup

In a potentially great escape gone wrong, a Texas man trying to free a prisoner joins him in the lockup.

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