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UC Berkley Law Student to Stand Trial in Senseless Bird Murder

Investigators in Las Vegas are tightening the noose around the neck of accused bird murderer Justin Teixeria and a suspected accomplice in the senseless decapitation of an exotic bird and ensuing game of catch with its remains at the Flamingo Hotel’s Wildlife Habitat sanctuary.

Berkley Students Charged in Sanctuary Bird Murder

The two Berkley law students accused of torturing an exotic bird to death and playing with the decapitated corpse face charges. Kansas University chapter of fraternity Beta Theta Pi is under police investigation for animal cruelty after allegedly torturing and killing a turkey at their annual formal holiday party.

Berkley Law Students Arrested for Murder Most Fowl

Two University of California, Berkley law students were arrested Friday after witnesses saw them playing catch with the decapitated head and carcass of a Guinea Fowl that they killed in a Las Vegas wildlife habitat.

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