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Video: No charges for woman who smacked baby bump with hammer

When Sean Hanlon, the now-ex husband of a very pregnant Heather Thorpe, showed police this video of her hitting her unborn child with a claw hammer, police in Birmingham, England, decided that no crime had been committed and declined to press charges — or even investigate.

Man dies after accidentally drinking pure liquid meth he thought was juice

Don’t take candy from strangers, never eat a prepackaged food that has already been opened, and never ever drink strange liquids received in the mail that are addressed to other people.

Police Release new Sketches in the Madeleine McCann Case

Neither Police, nor her parents, are giving up on missing child Madeleine McCann. Continuing investigative efforts have led police to a German man wanted for questioning in connection with the child’s 2007 disappearance. Two sketches have been released to the public in efforts to identify this man.

Today in Crime History: A Witness Comes Forward in the Moors Murders

On October 7, 1965, David Smith told police he had witnessed a murder, that sister in law, Myra Hindley, had invited him in for some wine while her boyfriend, Ian Brady, was killing someone with an axe in the living room. Afterwards they laughed about the look on the victim’s face and chatted about the other murders.

Creepy Clown Update: Clown Says He’s Harmless, “Clown Catcher” Vows Resolution

The clown stalking an English village has been talking with the media. Meanwhile, an adversary emerged with the promise to catch the clown.

Wedding Postponed After Man Rushes into Church, Castrates Himself

The image that comes to mind is that of a couple standing before a vicar, who is saying, If anyone knows any reason why this couple may not be joined in matrimony … when all of a sudden a man rushes in and snips off his testicles. Luckily, the timing was not so dramatic. The timing was not so dramatic.

Detective’s Scrapbook of The Great Train Robbery

The Great Train Robbery of 1963 has been called the heist of the century and is cinema-esque in its richness of character. Never-before-seen photos from the investigation have been released and we have obtained a few of them.

Nearly Toothless Man Convicted of Biting off Neighbor’s Penis

Noise complaints can get so ugly. A recent case in Dover, Kent, in England is no exception. Jason Martin, 41, seems to have received a text from his neighbor’s partner telling him to turn down the music on his XBox. Insulted, he naturally he went over to the neighbor’s to complaint about the complaint. Things went south pretty quickly from there.

First Date Ends in Police Chase, Arrest

Today the English press reported a new low in Internet dating. It seems that a couple that met on was having a first date when they reached an impasse: She did not want to split the tab. What happened next probably dealt a lethal blow to what might otherwise have blossomed into a promising romance. He stole her phone.

Convicted Murderer Jon Venables Released From Prison, Again

Jon Venables convicted at age 10, of the 1993 murder of James Bulger, 2, in near Liverpool, England, has been released from prison yet again. Though he has received counseling over the years, many, including the victim’s parents, do not agree with the parole board’s controversial insistence on keeping Venables at large in the general population.