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Murder on the Moors

David Smith had witnessed a murder. He told police how his sister in law, Myra Hindley, had invited him in the night before to watch while her boyfriend, Ian Brady, was openly murdering a man in the living room. After the murder the couple laughed about the look on the victim’s face, and chit-chatted over tea with Smith about other murders they had committed.

Today in Crime History: Nurse Beverley Allitt kills first child

Attentive pediatric nurse Allitt murdered four and maimed another nine babies in her care before she was stopped. Sentenced to life 13 times, but diagnosed with the controversial Munchausen by Proxy syndrome, Allitt was placed in a cushy mental institution for treatment, rather than a prison for punishment.

Al Saud bin Abdulaziz, A Saudi Prince and a Murderer

When Saudi prince Al Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Nasir al Saud’s male companion was found dead in their posh London hotel suite, Al Saud claimed his friend’s death was an accident. Evidence instead pointed to a Master-Slave affair characterized by extreme violence.

Man reports frog stalker

An man in England alerted authorities recently about a single frog that was just sitting, waiting for him, at the bottom of the stairs to his house. He insisted that the frog was “harassing” him and wanted professional help removing it.

Queen Katherine Howard: In her defense

Of Henry VIII’s famous six wives, there is no doubt who possesses the worst reputation: fifth wife Katherine Howard. Anne Boleyn may be seen as the “Temptress” but is known as innocent of the adultery and incest charges trumped up to separate Henry from Anne and Anne’s head from the rest of her. As author [...]

UK man walks home drunk, finds this note from police in the morning

A guy who partied too hardy and walked home found this note on Herfordshire police stationery in his home the next day. It begins “We found you staggering in the road,” and is mysteriously signed, “Love from Cagney and Lacey.” He probably had no memory of the courtesy ride home he got from police.

Today in Crime History: Dr. Harold Shipman is found hanged in his cell

Britain’s worst serial killer, he was born on January 14, 1946, and found hanged in his cell on January 13, 2004. He was adored by his many elderly patients, while he in return had only contempt for them and couldn’t seem to kill them fast enough. It is believed that he murdered more than 250 of them.

Couple’s dog blew up the house

English couple Kerry Leech and Mathew Heckler were out enjoying the day when they started getting texts that their house had exploded. According the firefighters, the couple’s youngest pet, Zeus, a six-month-old whippet cross, caused the explosion. Since they didn’t catch him in the act, it’s fair to say they will have to keep an eye on him.

Naked driver was masturbating while texting

Back in August police in Chester, England, arrested Neal Marshall, 49, after a truck driver reported him driving his Ford Escort naked down the M56 while masturbating. His lawyer says he was texting and got “carried away.”

Mother beat baby nearly to death, then took selfie with him

The mother who beat her baby to within an inch of his life and took a selfie with him, has been found guilty of murder.

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