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Man dies in ER waiting room — this time in U.S.

Last October we brought to you to story of Brian Sinclair, who died in a Canadian emergency room in Manitoba, after checking in and waiting 34 ours for a catheter change. This time a man in New York City, checked into a crowded ER and was found stone cold dead in the waiting room 8 hours later.

Canadian man waited a day in ER, died waiting

Like something out of an absurd late-night comedy sketch, the doctor that finally examined double amputee Brian Sinclair, who had been waiting in a Winnipeg emergency room for a whole day, said Sinclair had been dead for hours.

VIDEO: A Victim of Domestic Violence

A young woman agrees to go on camera to talk about the injuries she sustained at the hands of her children’s father. According to cameraman Larry Mellick, who has a channel dedicated to emergency room procedures, the woman sustained a deep 3 cm forehead laceration that required stitches. She also suffered severe bruising and was choked to unconsciousness during the assault.

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