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Slideshow: Most embarrassing arrests

Awkward, compromising the stuff of nightmares. These are the world’s most embarrassing arrests.

Slideshow: Insult to injury

The shame of arrest combined with the added embarrassment of not quite looking your best for the mug shot.

UK man calls 999 with toilet roll holder stuck up his butt

Most of the time when people call the emergency help line they really want as much help as they can get. Sometimes though, the situation is delicate, as in the case of a Welsh man, who recently found that discretion pretty much goes out the window once the fire brigade shows up.

How Not to Pick Up Guys in the Grocery Store Parking Lot

According to police, Joseph Lee Toben used “an adult novelty item for the purpose of making contact” with his intended victims.

Update: Man Accused of Roadside Couch Sex Sentenced

On September 3, 2012, an off-duty cop decided to stop a man from having sex on a couch in public. It turned out that the man, Gerald Streator, was having sex with the couch in public. Yesterday Streator pleaded guilty before a judge and was sentenced.

VIDEO: Chinese Political Advisor Misses Flight, Totally Flips Out

Big mucky-muck Yan Linkun Vice Chairman of the Yunnan Mining Co., was late for his flight and, unsurprisingly, missed it. The surprise came when he totally lost it and destroyed the counter at the gate, as so many before him had no doubt wanted to do. Rank has its privileges.

Scary Lingerie Thief Gets Down With his Bad Self on Video

Jose Angel Perales was arrested on suspicion of robbing Dr. John’s Lingerie Store in Davenport, Iowa. Whoever opened the store around 8 a.m. on February 17 called police when it was evident that someone had entered and robbed the store. Then they reviewed the security video. That’s when it gets weird.

Mom Jailed for Overdue ‘Twilight’ Library Books and DVDs

In a shocking display of lawlessness, a New Mexico mom failed to return her library books and DVDs. Luckily police were on hand at her home to slap the cuffs on this dangerous criminal, in front of her five small children, and throw her in the slammer.

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