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Elderly woman attempting to exit garage hits 11 parked cars

A woman, 85, was planning to leave a parking garage with her husband in the car when she backed up and hit two parked cars. Changing direction she then hit two more cars — an Audi A4 and Mercedes B-Class — followed by a Mercedes-Vito and a concrete pillar. Then, panic set in.

Slideshow: Senior moments

Immature, impetuous, illegal — and arrested — these days grandmas and grandpas aren’t necessarily what they used to be.

Woman Claims She was Hypnotized and Robbed of Life Savings

A Boston woman alleges that thieves approached her on the street and hypnotized her into giving them her valuables. The unidentified elderly victim, 57, claims that on April 15, 2012, three young women approached her on the street in Boston’s Chinatown (pictured), and asked her a few questions in Cantonese about her family. She claims [...]

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