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Man Accused of Killing Grandmother-in-law With Golf Club

We’ve all heard horror stories of mothers-in-law and the men who hate them. But grandmothers-in-law?

Convicted Serial Killer Catherine Wood’s Illegal Personal Ad

Convicted team serial killer Catherine Wood was in the news recently after she posted an illegal online dating profile in the hope of meeting someone new. As an inmate in Florida, Wood may have pen pals, but is prohibited from soliciting for pen pals. Her last great love cost five people their lives.

Love Means Nothing to Tennis Official Accused of Murdering Husband

It was only a month before their 50th anniversary and to the outside world, Lois and Alan Goodman seemed to be a loving couple in their winter years. Alan had run an auto parts business, while his wife – nicknamed “Lolo” continued to work as a tennis official. When Alan was found dead in his apartment on April 17, 2012, Lois told police she thought he had injured himself falling downstairs. A police investigation revealed a darker story.

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