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Police: Family Drove Dead Mom Around in Van Full of Animals

The husband and two sons of Lola Mae Stout are accused of a crime that shocked Phoenix police. Local Fox affiliate KSAZ reports that husband Alva Stout and sons Alan and Gregory Stout had the body of the 73-year-old woman in a van surrounded by dozens of sickly animals and the accompanying roaches and fleas.

Daughter Accused of Imprisoning Parents; Son Roughs up Mom, 90

In our latest installment of How Not to Treat Your Parents, we bring you the story of an unidentified Redmond, Washington, woman who was allegedly imprisoning and bilking her elderly demented parents. Also the case of a Minnesota man was arrested for slapping around his mother and roughing up her dog to get her house.

Inebriated Man Threatens, Tasers Grandmother, Great Aunt

Well, it was inevitable: America’s love-affair with the Taser has moved to the home front. Alec Arapahoe, 20, of Longmont, Colorado, was arrested on January 5, 2013, for using a stun gun to menace and taser his grandmother and great aunt, one of whom is 66 and the other 63.

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