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Woman arrested for leaving her mother in a hot car for 16 hours

In a disturbing case of role reversal, a Washington, D.C. woman was arrested Tuesday for leaving her disabled mother in a hot car. Temperatures that day were reportedly soared to over 95 degrees.

Watch: Drunk losers swing old woman, video the abuse

Authorities in Romania are searching for the band of drunken young men in this video, who jeer with glee as one of them grabs an elderly woman by her clothes and swings her in circles as she screams in terror. The woman runs away, but at the prompting of his “droogs” the man stops flexing his muscles, runs after her, grabs her and does it again.

Former Caretaker Sentenced to Prison for Particularly Gross Form of Elder Abuse

Last week, a 69-year old woman was sentenced to four years in prison for elderly abuse after being found guilty of using an especially nasty form of “therapy” on her elderly charges.

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