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Friendly bulletproof-vest test results in murder charges

Today we bring you the story of a man so thrilled with his new bullet-proof vest that asked his friend to shoot him in the chest. We’ll never know if the vest would’ve failed or not, because the friend shot high, missed the vest entirely, and killed the man.

Mailman attacked, bitten three times on the leg — by angry man

An Akron, Ohio, postal patron was anxiously awaiting a check in the mail, but when it didn’t come last Saturday, he took matters into his own hands, and took in out on the mailman.

Man jailed for failed stab-proof-vest test

Are you your best friend’s keeper? Well if he’s a moron, going around asking people to stab him in the chest, the answer, according to a court in Edmonton, Alberta, is a resounding, yes.

Slideshow: World’s dumbest criminals

From the flasher in a bookstore for the blind, to the inebriated robber who can’t find the way out of the home he is robbing, to the guy who tried to cash a forged check for $1,000,000, these cases prove inconclusively that you just can’t fix stupid.

Drunk Man Allegedly Keys Cop Car — with Deputy Inside

Justin Everette Rowe of Trinity, Texas, showed a healthy, but stupid defiance towards police, and got himself arrested four months after Jonathan Thompson revealed his weirdly defiant tattoo, intended to show up the same police department.

Fireworks-in-Buttocks Trick Ends Badly

The party was reportedly in full swing when a young Australian man decided to show his friends a really funny trick using some fireworks and his butt. Needless to say, it backfired.

Alleged Burglar Caught by a Set of Window Blinds

In the latest installment of Criminals Trapped by Technology, no wait, I don’t think blinds are really considered high-end technology these days, let’s say Dumb Criminals, a would-be burglar was apprehended by a set of window blinds.

Cute Drunk Coed Enters Wrong House, Gets Shot

Zoey Ripple, 21, of Boulder, Colo., drunkenly made her way into what she claims she thought was a friend’s house on May 23, 2012. Ripple claims to have said “hello” on entering the darkened bedroom. She also said she felt “confused.” That’s when homeowner Timothy Justice shot her in the side.

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