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Watch: Would-be burglar outwitted by door

A would-be burglar attempting to rob a bar in the Chicago’s Wicker Park area was thwarted by of all things the unlocked interior door. It seems he made a critical error: He kept trying to pull open the door — which was marked push. This could explain why most burglars break and enter, rather than just …entering.

Armed robbers lose car keys during heist

It was all going so well for the two Phoenix, Arizona, brothers, who allegedly robbed a restaurant, that is until they had make their getaway without their car.

Slideshow: World’s dumbest criminals

From the flasher in a bookstore for the blind, to the inebriated robber who can’t find the way out of the home he is robbing, to the guy who tried to cash a forged check for $1,000,000, these cases prove inconclusively that you just can’t fix stupid.

Bank robber Googled: How to rob a bank

There must be all kinds of ways to plan, execute and get away with a bank robbery. Perhaps, not using your computer to perform incriminating Internet searches on the subject should be considered an important part of any successful bank robbing scheme.

Burglary Suspects Ran Out of Gas

Investigators in Fort Bend County Texas arrested two men they say robbed a storage shed and were immediately stranded when their getaway car ran out of gas only 100 yards away from the scene of the crime.

Smart Employee Steals Dumb Robbers’ Getaway Car

The employee who foiled this dastardly duo’s evil plan has not been named, probably for his own good. Interfering with a robbery can pose great personal risk, so in the interest of public safety we advise that nobody ever try anything like this ever again, ever — even though it’s really funny.

Man Tried to Sell Daughter for Bail Money, Say Police

When you’ve sold your TV, your car, and your dignity, that little brat that’s always following you around must start to look like a money making opportunity.

Teen Arrested for Threatening Cop on Facebook

From our friends at the Daily Dot: The gangs of New York are moving their wars to Facebook. Last week, the NYPD announced it has been successful in trawling the social networking site to crack down on illicit gang activity and rid the streets of illegal firearms, but now one of the dissenters is expressing his displeasure on Facebook.

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