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Florida DUI suspect was ‘trying to drive it off’

Turns out, when you go on a bender, it’s preferable to sleep it off, not “drive it off.” Driving it off is frowned on by law enforcement — even in Florida.

Slideshow: Drunk and ridiculous

Party too hardy, and this could be you.

Pro football DUI wall of shame

It’s September once again which means woe for kids going back to school and joy for most sports fans as a new NFL season begins. For the players, the season brings hope that good football will erase the following mishaps from popular memory, but we at Crime Library remember …

Slideshow: Personal fouls

It seems that being excellent at running and jumping doesn’t equal being good at avoiding legal trouble. A look at the arrest records of pro athletes in photos.

Justin Bieber is in jail; here’s his mugshot

In the early hours of Thursday morning, Justin Bieber led police on a short, high-speed chase on Pine Tree Drive in Miami, then pulled over, failed a sobriety test and was charged with DUI and drag racing. Bieber’s rented Lamborghini was pulled over along with a car driven by rapper Crazy Khalil. Both drivers were arrested [...]

Police: Drunk woman parked self — and remains of car — in jail lot

Early Monday morning, according to Gainesville, FL., police, Brielle Watkins was intoxicated when she drove her smashed Ford Escape, minus one whole rear tire, into the county jail, but why did she do it?

Driver who passed out in mid-poop may have been drunk

A 70-year-old man in Cochranton, Pennsylvania, came to the attention of police on January 10, 2014, when alarmed passing motorists saw him lying out in a field, presumably with his pants down around his ankles.

Drunk driver’s pet parrot narks on him to cops

People teach their birds to say the darnedest things. Thanks to a man in Mexico, we now know that teaching your bird phrases like He’s drunk, He’s high or He’s packin’ might get you the unwanted attention of law enforcement, the media and even the occasional snarky blogger.

Arrested for DUI, woman calls drunk friends for ride, gets them arrested too

When you are collared for driving under the influence, and you need a ride home, it should be obvious that you need a sober person to come and get you. Conversely, when you drive to a police station for any reason at all, you should be sober. With that in mind, this case shows how “the obvious” often slips by people when they are drunk.

Friends convince drunk man he was in coma for 10 years

Friends play the most elaborate prank on their drunk friend. They convince him he’s just awoken from a ten-year coma and then post the video on Youtube.