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You know you’re drunk when your blood-alcohol content stumps the machine

There are many answers to the question, “How do you know when you’re drunk?” They can range anywhere from “You fall off the floor,” to “You lose arguments with inanimate objects,” but “You stump the breathalyzer,” is new, and incidentally, sets a whole new standard.

Florida Mayor Arrested in DUI Crash

When you’re the mayor of a city that’s home to the #6 party school in America, do you try to set a good example for all those hammered co-eds, or do you just roll with it?

‘Drivin’ Drunk’ Status Gets Teen Arrested

We’d say you shouldn’t post about driving drunk on Facebook, but you shouldn’t drive drunk at all. Astoria, Ore., kid Jacob Cox-Brown, 18, apparently had a tipsy time on New Years’ Eve and decided to update his 600+ friends on how his drive home was going. In the status Cox-Brown admitted to driving drunk and to hitting someone’s car followed by a cheeky tongue-face emoticon.

Blind Man Driving Blind Drunk Sentenced for Hitting Girlfriend With Car

Scott Law, 33, of Gainsborough, Lincs in the UK, who is legally registered as blind, decided to get plastered one night and reportedly had between four and five bottles of wine and got into an argument with his girlfriend, Suzanne Scawthon, as he drove the car home with their two year old in the back.

Police: Man Drinks Beer Through DUI Checkpoint

In Vernon, Conn., a man who police say was drinking a beer while driving was arrested at a DUI checkpoint this weekend. And in Ohio, a man was arrested for DUI twice in three hours.

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